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Board of Overseers 2015

Overseer Chairman - Sam Lloyd
2015 Board: Jeff Follett (Chair), Domingo Cabrera (Executive Director), Bill Davis, Jerry Fregoe, Carlton Harris (Senior Pastor), Kent Horton, Doug Kay, Matt Klahn, Terry Sizemore, and Peter Woodson ...

Carlton Harris

Senior Pastor
• Hometown: St. Louis, MO • Family Info: My wife Carol, and our three adult children • When did you come to College Avenue? In 2006, we moved here from Cleveland, OH • I do my best thinking: While ...

Cliff Anderson

Associate Pastor Emeritus
• Hometown: Chicago, Illinois • Family Info: My wife Alice, three adult children, and six grandchildren • When did you come to College Avenue? In 1978, we moved here from St. Paul, Minnesota to ...

Lara Blouin

Preschool Director & Interim Children's Director
• Hometown: San Diego, CA • Family Info: Husband Joel, daughter Sarah, and son Ryan • When did you come to College Avenue? I first came to College Avenue in July of 1997. • My favorite places on ...

Domingo Cabrera

Executive Director
I'm a native San Diegan, although I have lived in other cities, this is home.

My wife Carolyn and I were married in 1988 and we have 4 adult children and 8 grandchildren!

We began attending


Felipe Dominguez

Pastor of La Promesa
Hometown: Veracruz , ver mexico Family Info: My wife Lucy and my three kids: daughter Lucy (married with my only three grandkids), daughter Keren (also married and expecting), and our son Felipe (...

Stefanie Kelly

Worship Director
• Where did you grow up? Tempe, Arizona • When did you become a believer in Jesus Christ? As a five-year-old in Sunday School at church in Phoenix. • Do you have a favorite verse in the Bible? Psalm ...

Bryan Eckert

College Ministry Director
Hometown: Coronado, CA Family Info: I am married to my beautiful wife Veronica. I have 4 brothers and sisters and 5 more step-brothers and sisters. When did you come to College Avenue? I came to ...

Debbie King

Volunteer Ministry Coordinator
Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, WI Family Info: David (husband), Trevor & Holly (kids) plus my parents, 2 sisters & their husbands, and 1 niece plus lots of aunts, uncles & cousins When did you come ...

Bryce Klabunde

Soul Care Pastor
• Hometown: Born in California, raised in Alabama, lived in Texas, now at home in San Diego! • When did you come to College Avenue? In 2008, we moved here from Dallas, Texas • I do my best thinking:...

Jerry Nelson

Global Outreach Pastor Emeritus
• Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn. • When did you come to College Avenue? 1977 • I do my best thinking: In the morning after devotions. • My favorite places on earth: San Diego, and Minnesota, and ...

Brandon Preddy

High School [6109]
Hometown: I'm proud to say I'm a native San Diegan.

Family Info: I've been blessed to be married to Kathleen since June 1, 2013. In fact, one of my favorite things about CABC is that I can


Kristin Preddy

Children's Ministries Coordinator
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Family Info: Husband, Steve/Daughters, Laura and Rachel - my parents and brother and sister and their families are all in San Diego and attend Shadow Mountain, Journey and


Mike Plank

Technical Director & myCABC Administrator
Hometown: native San Diegan; 5th generation actually! Family Info: married to my truly better half, Ronna, since 2002, and we have two, moderately-tolerable children. :-) When did you come to ...

Bruce Robertson

Business Administrator
• Married to Sheila; two sons – both married • Native of San Diego • Became a Christian at CABC when I was in high school • Volunteer with the College and Young Adult ministry • Enjoy walking with my ...

Mark Schweer

Global Outreach Director
• Hometown: Waldorf, Minn. • Family Info: Married to Sherri since 1981; four adult children; one grandson! • When did you come to College Avenue? 1998 • I do my best thinking: Late at night • A ...

Jennie Sharp

Communications Director & Sr. Pastor's Assistant
Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA Family Info: My husband Cory, daughter, and son When did you come to College Avenue? I began attending when I was a freshman at San Diego State in August of 1997. I ...

Jennifer Strickland

Small Groups Director
• Hometown: San Diego, CA • Family Info: Husband Robert, daughter Veronica (married with two kids), son Mike, son Jonathan, and daughter Anna • When did you come to College Avenue? Around 1990 • My ...

Nick Taylor

Middle School [Team56 & EDGE]


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4747 College Avenue
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