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Board of Overseers 2014

Overseer Chairman - Sam Lloyd
2014 Board: Domingo Cabrera, Jeff Follett, Jerry Fregoe, Carlton Harris (Senior Pastor), Doug Kay, Sam Lloyd (Chairman), Terry Sizemore, Stu U'ren, and Peter Woodson

Carlton Harris

Senior Pastor
• Hometown: St. Louis, MO • Family Info: My wife Carol, and our three adult children • When did you come to College Avenue? In 2006, we moved here from Cleveland, OH • I do my best thinking: While ...

Cliff Anderson

Associate Pastor Emeritus
• Hometown: Chicago, Illinois • Family Info: My wife Alice, three adult children, and six grandchildren • When did you come to College Avenue? In 1978, we moved here from St. Paul, Minnesota to ...

Lara Blouin

Preschool Director & Interim Children's Director
• Hometown: San Diego, CA • Family Info: Husband Joel, daughter Sarah, and son Ryan • When did you come to College Avenue? I first came to College Avenue in July of 1997. • My favorite places on ...

Domingo Cabrera

Executive Director
I'm a native San Diegan, although I have lived in other cities, this is home.

My wife Carolyn and I were married in 1988 and we have 4 adult children and 8 grandchildren!

We began attending


Felipe Dominguez

Pastor of La Promesa
Hometown: Veracruz , ver mexico Family Info: My wife Lucy and my three kids: daughter Lucy (married with my only three grandkids), daughter Keren (also married and expecting), and our son Felipe (...

Stefanie Kelly

Worship Director
• Where did you grow up? Tempe, Arizona • When did you become a believer in Jesus Christ? As a five-year-old in Sunday School at church in Phoenix. • Do you have a favorite verse in the Bible? Psalm ...

Bryan Eckert

College Ministry Director
Hometown: Coronado, CA Family Info: I am married to my beautiful wife Veronica. I have 4 brothers and sisters and 5 more step-brothers and sisters. When did you come to College Avenue? I came to ...

Debbie King

Volunteer Ministry Coordinator
Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, WI Family Info: David (husband), Trevor & Holly (kids) plus my parents, 2 sisters & their husbands, and 1 niece plus lots of aunts, uncles & cousins When did you come ...

Bryce Klabunde

Soul Care Pastor
• Hometown: Born in California, raised in Alabama, lived in Texas, now at home in San Diego! • When did you come to College Avenue? In 2008, we moved here from Dallas, Texas • I do my best thinking:...

Jerry Nelson

Global Outreach Pastor Emeritus
• Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn. • When did you come to College Avenue? 1977 • I do my best thinking: In the morning after devotions. • My favorite places on earth: San Diego, and Minnesota, and ...

Brandon Preddy

High School [6109]
Hometown: I'm proud to say I'm a native San Diegan.

Family Info: I've been blessed to be married to Kathleen since June 1, 2013. In fact, one of my favorite things about CABC is that I can


Kristin Preddy

Children's Ministries Coordinator
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Family Info: Husband, Steve/Daughters, Laura and Rachel - my parents and brother and sister and their families are all in San Diego and attend Shadow Mountain, Journey and


Mike Plank

Technical Director & myCABC Administrator
Hometown: native San Diegan; 5th generation actually! Family Info: married to my truly better half, Ronna, since 2002, and we have two, moderately-tolerable children. :-) When did you come to ...

Wayne Rice

Pastor to Generations
• Hometown: Camarillo, California. Moved to San Diego in 1967. • Family Info: I married Marci in 1966; we have three children and (so far) four grandchildren. • When did you come to College Avenue? ...

Bruce Robertson

Business Administrator
• Married to Sheila; two sons – both married • Native of San Diego • Became a Christian at CABC when I was in high school • Volunteer with the College and Young Adult ministry • Enjoy walking with my ...

Mark Schweer

Global Outreach Director
• Hometown: Waldorf, Minn. • Family Info: Married to Sherri since 1981; four adult children; one grandson! • When did you come to College Avenue? 1998 • I do my best thinking: Late at night • A ...

Jennie Sharp

Communications Director & Sr. Pastor's Assistant
Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA Family Info: My husband Cory, daughter, and son When did you come to College Avenue? I began attending when I was a freshman at San Diego State in August of 1997. I ...

Jennifer Strickland

Small Groups Director
• Hometown: San Diego, CA • Family Info: Husband Robert, daughter Veronica (married with two kids), son Mike, son Jonathan, and daughter Anna • When did you come to College Avenue? Around 1990 • My ...


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