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Wedding FAQ

As you are planning your special day, we hope that the answers to the questions below will help you as you evaluate your wedding site options. Whether you are a member, regular attender or an outside guest, the following information will be helpful for you. If you have further questions, please contact the church office at 619.582.7222, Monday-Thursday from 9 AM - 4 PM.


  • Is it possible to hold our wedding ceremony at CABC?
    Yes. For many years now, College Avenue Baptist Church has been the location of choice for many weddings. We strive to make your special day as easy and memory-filled as possible. There are three main venues in which to conduct a wedding:
    Sanctuary – For a more traditional church surrounding, the sanctuary seats up to 1,400 people in three sections of pews and balcony. While there is no center aisle, many wedding parties have the opening procession come down one aisle while exiting out the other.
    CEC Room 302 – On the top floor of our Centennial Education Center (CEC), the room seats up to 200 people on individual chairs in rows, the arrangement of which can be customized. 

    Fireside Room – This multipurpose room seats up to 150 people on individual chairs, the arrangement of which can be customized.
  • Is it possible to hold our wedding reception at CABC?
    Yes. Whether or not you hold your ceremony at the church, there are four sites available for a reception. The arrangement in each venue can be set to accommodate the size and requirements of your party.
    Family Center / Gym - $600-$1000 (depending on set up required)
    Fireside Room & Patio - $375
    Fireside Room only - $300
    CEC 302 - $350
    Family Center Kitchen – The fee is based on the extent of catering required. Full use is $200 for 6 hours; light use is $100 for 6 hours
    Regardless of which venue you choose, included in the fee is the arrangement of tables and chairs (round and rectangle) as well as the set up and breakdown of the room. The facilities will be reserved up to 24 hours prior to the wedding to allow for decorating. All rooms are to be left in the condition that they were found. For an extra fee, you may also rent table linens and/or hire a sound technician.

  • What are the costs involved with hosting a wedding ceremony at CABC?
    The fee for a wedding at CABC is $1000.00. This fee includes:
    * Your choice of facility for the rehearsal and ceremony
    Sanctuary, CEC Room 302, or the Fireside Room (see question #1)
    * A volunteer wedding coordinator – wedding planning appointment, rehearsal & wedding
    * Use of the Bride’s Room & Groom’s Room for dressing – prior to the wedding and up to 1 hour after
    * Custodial assistance – set up and break down of equipment and assistance during the wedding as needed
    * Wedding equipment to assist the ceremony and decorations – brass chancel and aisle candelabra with candles, kneeling bench, brass arch, white columns/urns for flowers, aisle runner (75’ long), aisle tulle swag, pew bows and communion supplies
    * Sound technician – 1 hour prior and during the ceremony
    * Refundable Damage Waiver Fee – This $100 fee would cover damage to facilities or equipment, excessive rehearsal time, extra clean up and any disregard for church policies and regulation. If everything has been well cared for then the waiver fee will be returned to you.
  • How do we know if the date we are considering is available?
    To check the calendar for availability, contact the CABC front office assistant during office hours Monday – Thursday from  9:00 AM – 4:00 PM at 619-582-7222.
  • What if we need a pastor to perform the wedding ceremony?
    Please contact the office for a list of the recommended pastors on staff who are able to perform marriage ceremonies and provide pre-marital counseling.
  • What if we have our own pastor that we would like to perform the ceremony?
    Pastors not associated with CABC but who wish to perform a marriage at CABC will need to be approved by a pastor on staff. Please contact the office for further information. 
  • How do we make a reservation?
    If you have decided to hold your ceremony &/or reception at CABC, please contact the church office and you will be connected to our wedding coordinator. Your wedding reservation will be finalized when each of the following items have been arranged:
    ·        Contact and acquire your officiating pastor (see the referral list of pastors from CABC)
    ·        Arrange for pre-marital counseling with your officiating pastor
    ·        Return your completed reservation with your full payment (see downloaded forms)
  • Who can we contact if we have further questions?
    Contact the CABC front office assistant during office hours Monday – Thursday from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM at 619-582-7222. Leave your contact information (phone number and email) and our wedding coordinator will get in touch with you.


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